Guía de grupos

Guide U

Espro Acoustiguide is delighted to announce the launch of Guide-U Interactive: the next generation in group guiding, featuring a revolutionary first-of-its-kind interactive functionality, and enhanced sound performance.


Guide-U - the most cutting-edge group-guiding system on the market - offers portable, wireless listening equipment designed to allow live tours to be successfully conducted for multiple groups simultaneously, even in the most acoustically-challenged or crowded sites.


Interactivity with Multi Talker Network

Guide-U Interactive introduces a breakthrough technology that brings wireless tour guiding communication to the next level: a proprietary Multi Talker Network which adds additional transmitter microphones to Guide-U’s primary transmitter and a visitor-friendly pass around wireless microphone. This allows multiple participants in a group tour to transmit to the entire receiver-wearing group, at any point and without changing transmitter settings. Group members can thus interact with the guide as well as among themselves and create a group discussion, in which everyone can be heard clearly.


Enhanced Audio Quality

A suite of new features including a proprietary Dynamic Speech Extractor and Voice Activity Director, boost the sound quality, providing crystal-clear audio quality and interference-free sound, especially designed for noisy environments and complex listening situations.


• Dynamic Speech Extractor constantly measures ambient noise and sends commands to receivers to adjust audio volume when circumstances require
• Voice Activity Detector reduces microphone input level when the group leader is not speaking


Three Main Elements


New Transmitter
• red dot Design Award winner with robust housing, protected buttons, universal mini USB for charging and programming and standard jack for audio input
• Easy On/Off slide and brilliant high resolution color display
• Flexible, working for HA and NB frequency bands
• Intuitive menu navigation with Up, Down, OK and Escape


New Passaround Microphone for Group Participants
• New technology includes Dynamic Speech Extractor
• Allows flexibility of the Multi Talker network
• Always defaults to the master transmitter
• Weighs only 110g / 3.8oz


New Receiver
• New technology includes Dynamic Speech Extractor
• Will only receive one voice
• Lightweight, comfortable receiver

Features and Benefits:

• Multi Talker Network allows for several speakers and interactivity within the group
• Enhanced audio quality with proprietary Dynamic Speech Extraction and Voice Activity Director
• New system allows clear transmission in noisy environments up to approx. 95dB
• 56 usable channels allow multiple tours to be held simultaneously
• Sleek, elegant design

Espro Acoustiguide is distributing Guide-U Interactive to museum and heritage sites as well as other tourist attractions around the world. The system is manufactured by Phonak, the Swiss-based world leader in the development, design and production of hearing and miniaturized communication systems.


Espro Acoustiguide is launching Guide-U Interactive around the world through its subsidiaries and distributors. For a demonstration or more information on Guide-U Interactive please contact your local Espro Acoustiguide office.